After a few months of using my drone, I have captured numerous photos which I am happy to showcase and sell. Featured below are my favourite ones so far and the links to purchase.


I still have both of my exhibitions running at Artezen Cafe in Dunborough and Windows Estate Winery which show a selection of my work displayed in various print formats (framed, acrylic, etc).


Also, please take a look at my other photos via the "Buy Prints" button above! I have been slowly updating my portfolio / website with new images and finished print styles!




Salmon Run BUY PRINT


Golden Shower BUY PRINT


Battle Zone BUY PRINT


North Point Bomb BUY PRINT


Wyadup Above BUY PRINT


Injidup Aquarium BUY PRINT


Playful Dolphins BUY PRINT


Into the Blue BUY PRINT


Warped Wave BUY PRINT


Treacherous Waters BUY PRINT


Casting Shadow BUY PRINT


Salmon Doughnut BUY PRINT


Surfing Salmon BUY PRINT